Requiem for a monsoon from the summer of 2009.


In June 2009 for about a month that the rains played hide and seek , I had a couple of status message and an on going dialog , now that the monsoon prayers have been answered here’s a collection of them 🙂

JUNE 1 : Prashant Jain in Hyderabad even the monSoon does Kal ParSoon. kyatohbhi. 😀

JUNE 3 : In Hyderabad even the monSoon does Kal ParSoon. Supersize that to Tharsoo… , Narsoo… Please ab toh   Barsoo!!!

JUNE 4 : Prashant Jain is wishing the windmills of god blow some dark black clouds hyderabads way . Aur mat  tarsoon pls…. 🙂

JUNE 5 : Prashant Jain ‘s prayers have turned unsuni fariyaad . Hes re framed his chant from Mon soon to mere     Man Sun and wait 😀

JUNE 5 : Prashant Jain is smoking the peace pipe with god. holding his peace in favor hoping the smoke signals wil turn to black rainclouds . 😀

JUNE 6 : Prashant Jain is still smoking the peace pipe with god. holding his peace, hoping that gods indian smoke   signals will soon turn to black rainclouds bringing in the Mansoon

JUNE 6 : Prashant Jain to accept a delayed monsoon or to let go that my friends is the question 🙂

JUNE 7 : Prashant Jain mon ami . its here …its here !!!! my mansoon 😀

JUNE 8 : Prashant Jain is Yippee yippe ya ya yippe yippe yay ;D

JUNE 9 : Prashant Jain a delayed monsoon is not the only effect of Our fractured relationship with mother nature .   what is the tipping point in ANY relationship where we are willing to do to anything and everything to                             redeem it ???

JUNE 9: Prashant Jain thinks in relationships we are willing to do anything and everything only when its almost       beyond redemption

JUNE 10 : Prashant Jain oh…hello ..up there….was Sundays rain a one night love affair or are we on, for the season !!!!

JUNE 11 : Oh…hello ..up there….was sundays rain a one night stand or are we on for the season 🙂

Maybe god didnt like the word one night stand so prashant changes it to one night love affair :))))

JUNE 14 : Prashant Jain ko apne doston mein rab dikhta hain 🙂

June : 15 : Prashant Jain ne apne doston me rab dekha aur uski rain wish poori ho gayi . Thank you!!! 😀

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