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Being a Gratitude Coach Prashant Jain’s vision is  to magnify the Happiness on this planet through the practice of gratitude. He has devised the ‘Gratitude Kit’, the first of which was given to his holiness the Dalai Lama. This was the start to his mission of a billion thanks . As a part of this mission, the concept of ‘Gratitude Week’ was created and ideated, thus helping companies have a culture of thankfulness. This is instead of just complaints. This ‘gratitude week’ celebrated as a 100 percent complaint free week saw various activities that helped employees acknowledge & appreciate each other. This saw the bringing out of the value of thankfulness to their work and life .

Choices we make in life determine who we are many of our choices are really our own ? ..parents, relatives, friends influence..influence maybe fine but we need to internalize our decisions & takeresposibility for them..being a businesses man involves taking responsibility

You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will determine how they will react – John Rampton, entrepreneur and investor.

Grateful Workplace Certification

Keynote speeches:

  1.  Gratitude : the key to happiness and abundance
  2.  Gratitude in the Office : Productivity and Happiness through Appreciation

Workshop and Trainings :

  1. Gratitude coaching
  2.  Signature workshop on Gratitude

Gratitude events & retreats

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