Sometimes we are in the flow And write something that is completely who we are .
Today I wrote something that I would love for you to read .
Continue only if you have 3 minute time and are in a open mode , centered and grounded and in a frame of mind where you can consider possibilities.
So here some possibilities I wrote that are a perspective and maybe true or untrue to you .
All there is to focus on ….is positivity and love. Energy and attention to anything else is such a waste . 
Anger, hurt and vehemence can be turned around we can choose to focus on the love, gratitude, and the smallest positive
in the situation .
Life is very fair and there is so much abundance of help , love and
trust that some stories of cheating, despair and loneliness can be dropped
There is so much explore and know and be that its useless to hanging
onto beliefs, people and situations that don’t serve you and grow you .
All the arguments with reality , all the ifs and buts and all the
things of that we haven’t found and that haven’t worked need to be re-framed
to powerful affirmations focusing on what can be beautiful and food and the
smallest amount of correctness of how things are and how great they can be .
All the caution, and insecurities and fears can be seen with
awareness and accepted with love and complete acceptance and a vulnerable
strength found that can serve us completely and fully
We are all god heads and all we have to do is align ourselves and our
free will in the direction of the universe’s will and be accepting of the
good and evil around without liking and prefering , without desire and
resistance .
The amount of time , effort and energy we spend on others in comparison, in cursing and in the wrongness of people can be just as easily and consciously be spent on gratitude and our inner strength and loving and in pampering ourselves with languages of love .
You and I are no different , what I am teaching is what I need to
learn most , For i am you and you are me .
We aren’t flawed and broken and human but we are beautiful inside out
and  are mystical souls in a truly magical world full of love and light

Travelog to Jodhpur, Rajasthan May 2009 by PrashantJain

Travelog to Jodhpur, Rajasthan May 2009 by PrashantJain

Travelog-to-JodhpurAn old travelog I wrote through tweets back in may 2009.  Republishing as travelling to Jodhpur again this Jan 26th 2012. Lets hope this trip is just as memorable .

A collection of thoughts that I put up as tweets on the week long holiday to Rajasthan as a kind travel journal . Its just a list of random thoughts published as tweets.

Tweet 1: Prashant checked for the temperatures in Jodhpur for the next week, an average of 45C it says :). Going to the supermarket for SPF ??? Suntan lotion

Tweet 2: Prashant has travel jitters, a plane and a train, by land and by a sea of sand, my heart flutters and my soul shudders but then am over it and off I fly.

Tweet 3: Stranger on the plane told prashant that Hyderabad’s Musi river is the only river in India that flows in the reverse direction.

Tweet 4: If you are an entrepreneur for 12 years running a web development company how difficult can it be to explain “ceo and founder of an e business company” in trying to explain how you earn your living.

Tweet 5: Prashant thinks he has knack for picking up the wrong drivers he has half a mind to teach the driver a training course in soft skills coupled with road etiquette.

Tweet 6: Every truck stop in India offer an idli dosa South Indian breakfast . Even in the Thar Desert Prashant had idli sambar for breakfast .

Tweet 7: Wow!!! This Prashant’s American friends have to see to believe!!!! A drive in temple, you can pray to the highway gods right from inside your vehicle, drive in to the side lane exit, take the Prasad and the blessing from inside your car and drive out from the ramp back onto the highway.


Tweet 8: Prashant is in Marwar, the place from where his clan gets its name (marwari). Somebody needs to measure the millionaires per square mile in this place 🙂

Tweet 9: Prashant heard that the more love names you have for a person or place the more closer it is to your heart. Marwar, marudhar, amerser, suncity…. no wonder this place figures very close to my heart.

Tweet 10: Almost every year I make this pilgrimage to the place of my birth i as i approach I know every bend, turn and twist in the road down to the last detail 🙂

Tweet 11: Prashant travels 13.6 km from begum pet to Hi-tech City; Here it almost double the distance between two villages, traveled 8 villages in one day.

Tweet 12: Prashant once saw an ad in California of sun kissed raisins. Sun kissed??? After two days in the Thar sun he knows how the grape much have felt on its transformation to raisin, it sure doesn’t feel like a kiss.

Tweet 13: Prashant’s Grandfather had seven sisters all of whom migrated to different parts of India. The clans descended for the traditional wedding …Prashant met relatives that he hasn’t seen in decades.

Tweet 14: Prashant wants to disown some of his extended family. Come to think of it sometimes he feels the same way about his immediate family too 🙂

Tweet 15: Prashant had to teach a kid the names of great grandfathers, heres how the 7 generation list goes: prashant > vastimalji > motmalji > taraji > malaji > kartaji

Tweet 16: Ice slabs lying across the tent all around with about 100 dessert coolers in a tent inside the school playground with 51 (auspicious) food stalls, and two thousand guests. What a wedding!!!!!!!!

Tweet 17: Prashant carried his cousin across the threshold (old custom, the elder brother carries the bride in his arms till the groom’s car.) . Dressed in a suit in the dessert sun, Prashant cried at the bidai.

Tweet 18: Prashant toured the temples today, at one place he offered amal (ganja like bhang made from popey seed) and beedi. The gods he thinks have strange addictions, and here I am worried about my FB addiction

Tweet 19: Prashant got lost in a maze of streets, small tiny lanes with ramshackle houses and lives running into one another, loved the time I spent till someone found me :). Prashant’s directional and spatial awareness skills leave a lot to be desired.

Tweet 20: Prashant saw the mehrangarh fort calling he felt like Roland from Stephen kings dark tower series; he unfortunately didn’t answer the towers call. There’s always the next annual trip to pay my homage.

Tweet 21: I am a traveler lost whether it’s my life or just a short journey everything is so transient and temporary, Prashant promises himself never to travel alone again.

Tweet 22: Prashant and his tanhaiyan are batyaing :), the joy of travel and discovery is best when shared ….and definitely not on the TV couch with your companion.

Tweet 23: Watchamachacallit is the current mood joy, sorrow, loss, surprise, blues ….How do you answer how are you when feelings are momentary and you cannot define a overall mood for the day or that moment in time.

Tweet 24: When you have lived your life in different places what do you call home. Prashant has a birth town (Jodhpur), hometown (Guntur), placeoforigin(Sarat), college town ( Dayton) and a work town ( Hyderabad) where do I really belong?

Tweet 25: Prashant feels ‘well done’. After you been sun dried, tanned, roasted, peeled, drained and almost burnt I guess its natural :).

Thoughts, feeling and comments welcome if not a like will suffice too 😉

Requiem for a monsoon from the summer of 2009.

Requiem for a monsoon from the summer of 2009.


In June 2009 for about a month that the rains played hide and seek , I had a couple of status message and an on going dialog , now that the monsoon prayers have been answered here’s a collection of them 🙂

JUNE 1 : Prashant Jain in Hyderabad even the monSoon does Kal ParSoon. kyatohbhi. 😀

JUNE 3 : In Hyderabad even the monSoon does Kal ParSoon. Supersize that to Tharsoo… , Narsoo… Please ab toh   Barsoo!!!

JUNE 4 : Prashant Jain is wishing the windmills of god blow some dark black clouds hyderabads way . Aur mat  tarsoon pls…. 🙂

JUNE 5 : Prashant Jain ‘s prayers have turned unsuni fariyaad . Hes re framed his chant from Mon soon to mere     Man Sun and wait 😀

JUNE 5 : Prashant Jain is smoking the peace pipe with god. holding his peace in favor hoping the smoke signals wil turn to black rainclouds . 😀

JUNE 6 : Prashant Jain is still smoking the peace pipe with god. holding his peace, hoping that gods indian smoke   signals will soon turn to black rainclouds bringing in the Mansoon

JUNE 6 : Prashant Jain to accept a delayed monsoon or to let go that my friends is the question 🙂

JUNE 7 : Prashant Jain mon ami . its here …its here !!!! my mansoon 😀

JUNE 8 : Prashant Jain is Yippee yippe ya ya yippe yippe yay ;D

JUNE 9 : Prashant Jain a delayed monsoon is not the only effect of Our fractured relationship with mother nature .   what is the tipping point in ANY relationship where we are willing to do to anything and everything to                             redeem it ???

JUNE 9: Prashant Jain thinks in relationships we are willing to do anything and everything only when its almost       beyond redemption

JUNE 10 : Prashant Jain oh…hello ..up there….was Sundays rain a one night love affair or are we on, for the season !!!!

JUNE 11 : Oh…hello ..up there….was sundays rain a one night stand or are we on for the season 🙂

Maybe god didnt like the word one night stand so prashant changes it to one night love affair :))))

JUNE 14 : Prashant Jain ko apne doston mein rab dikhta hain 🙂

June : 15 : Prashant Jain ne apne doston me rab dekha aur uski rain wish poori ho gayi . Thank you!!! 😀