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Prashant Jain is telling Meghavi Wellness, Customers are being told not to pay bill for the services they avail at any of it’s 4 Centers from August 20 to 24 and instead donate through any means for Kerala Flood relief and the 1st day itself, 42,donation was collected. “By the end of this week, We are sure 5 Lakh will be donated,” Jain said. The customers, however have to show a screen shot of theRead More


Posted by admin   on June 12, 2017
Category :Human Behaviour
Sometimes we are in the flow And write something that is completely who we are . Today I wrote something that I would love for you to read .   Continue only if you have 3 minute time and are in a open mode , centered and grounded and in a frame of mind where you can consider possibilities.   So here some possibilities I wrote that are a perspective and maybe true or untrue toRead More
A list of the new as seen through the statuses i wrote in the year 2010 : a nice retrospective of that year. I havent written too much in 2011 , but hopefully i microblog much more 2012 . Enjoy Wed November 24, 2010, 9:54 am: The only people not thankful on thanksgiving day are turkeys! Tue November 16, 2010, 11:21 pm: Which will be more worse : Dolly ka testosterone or Pamela ka silicone. Mon NovemberRead More

”This is it ” -MJs last- A review , Nov 2009

Posted by admin   on May 13, 2017
Category :Humor
Finally managed to catch up a show of “This is it” at Inox on a Monday afternoon. During the show felt hard pressed to define my feelings : sadness and grief, happiness and the mood to dance, mesmerized by MJs voice, and an analytical part that saw a scrawny MJ with his signature moves. First glance looked like documentary about the making of the show, part reality, part footage of rehearsals felt like a movieRead More
Most of my observations on Facebook are event, festival and news based.  A retrospective of sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes celebratory statuses that you may bring a smile to your faces 🙂 hope you consider this compilation likable and readable Spicy Christmas Dec 25 :  May your life be filled with a lot of love and spice . Seasonings greetings. Nirbhaya Delhi Dec 23  :  Black dots, armchair activism , vengeful words , angry actionsRead More