Sometimes we are in the flow And write something that is completely who we are .
Today I wrote something that I would love for you to read .
Continue only if you have 3 minute time and are in a open mode , centered and grounded and in a frame of mind where you can consider possibilities.
So here some possibilities I wrote that are a perspective and maybe true or untrue to you .
All there is to focus on ….is positivity and love. Energy and attention to anything else is such a waste . 
Anger, hurt and vehemence can be turned around we can choose to focus on the love, gratitude, and the smallest positive
in the situation .
Life is very fair and there is so much abundance of help , love and
trust that some stories of cheating, despair and loneliness can be dropped
There is so much explore and know and be that its useless to hanging
onto beliefs, people and situations that don’t serve you and grow you .
All the arguments with reality , all the ifs and buts and all the
things of that we haven’t found and that haven’t worked need to be re-framed
to powerful affirmations focusing on what can be beautiful and food and the
smallest amount of correctness of how things are and how great they can be .
All the caution, and insecurities and fears can be seen with
awareness and accepted with love and complete acceptance and a vulnerable
strength found that can serve us completely and fully
We are all god heads and all we have to do is align ourselves and our
free will in the direction of the universe’s will and be accepting of the
good and evil around without liking and prefering , without desire and
resistance .
The amount of time , effort and energy we spend on others in comparison, in cursing and in the wrongness of people can be just as easily and consciously be spent on gratitude and our inner strength and loving and in pampering ourselves with languages of love .
You and I are no different , what I am teaching is what I need to
learn most , For i am you and you are me .
We aren’t flawed and broken and human but we are beautiful inside out
and  are mystical souls in a truly magical world full of love and light

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